By now, most have heard this idea of Big data, Data analytic, Data mining, Gold data, backroom number crunchers, Exadata, In-memory Analytic, Decision data, Knowledge discovery of hidden patterns in data etc. etc. thrown around quite a bit.

Well… we don’t do any different things, we just do it differently.

We mix above mentioned IT technologies with "Common Sense”, which is our award winning proprietary technological innovate solutions and platform.
Simple apply these two technologies into domains and areas no man has gone before and drive results.

That’s all we do.

  • Make Better Decisions Using Big Data
  • Better Information, Valuable Insights and Predictions
  • Look for What is “Different”
  • Keep it simple.
    Who Define which types of customers you want to engage with. Are you focusing on customer service, or are you also looking for sales & community building opportunities as well?
    What Lay out the business rules of social media engagement. Specific types of issues get handled differently than others and there is a process for every instance.
    WhenEngage as soon as possible, but not all issues require the same attention, prioritization is key to making sure reps spend time on the most important cases.
    Where Which social channels do you plan to engage on? Most are just focusing on Facebook and Twitter and ignoring key platforms like YouTube, blogs, and forums.  Know where your key conversations are happening.
    Why ROI of course. Social CRM, when done well, can increase efficiency of social media, customer service, and marketing teams by reducing the time it takes to get through social data.
  • We needed this years ago. “Up to this point, We’ve been guessing.”
  • “Slice 'n dice” capability
  • Charting and graphing
  • "If I change my compensation strategy, how will that affect my workforce"
  • campus solution
  • customer relationship
  • financials management
  • human resource
  • supply chain management
  • service automation
  • supplier relationship