Entertainment – A feeling that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations.
                        And yes, this feeling is offered as "A Service" by different means.
Entertainment services has been around known as early as mankind existence and started being recorded only until few recent centuries by means of electronic and magnetic media devices.

But still, Entertainment itself, may not be 100% accurately measurable by any means because same feeling could mean different at different times and may produce different emotions based on recipient mood and time.

Luckily, "The pleasure afforded by being entertained at a given time can be measured."
This is exactly what we do, and we go way beyond our known means and use cutting edge Social Analytic
Business Intelligence tools and thus offer a variety of IT - Media Solutions and Services based on this theory.

Personal Blogs
Corporate Blogs
Internet Forums
Social Networks
Predictive Analytic
Social Analytic
Big Data Analytic
Visual Social Analytic
Social TV Analytic
Competitive Intelligence
Strategic Intelligence
Customer Intelligence

Marketing / Promotions
Social Media Marketing
Matrix Media marketing
Topical Media Advertising
Print Media Advertising
Website Advertising
Mobile Advertising

Critics & Reviews
Journalistic Criticism
Online Film Reviews
Academic Criticism
Art Criticism


Release Planning
Media Editing
Corporate/Business Release
Customer Story
Success Release
Technology Recognition
Participation in Public Events

Web Applications
Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Development
Web Hosting
Website Promotion

Mobile Applications
Java ME
Windows Phone
.NET Compact framework

CRM & Sales Analytic
Sales Productivity
Lead Generation
Prospect Scoring
Opportunity Scoring
Next Best Action
Order & Sales Management


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