Content Management

Elish Consulting systems are built around your organization, specializing in flexibility, reliability and customization solutions. We will build your site, organize your site map and set up initial categorization  But we will also integrate the system into the structure of your organization, utilizing our unique Workflow software to assign features, functions and authorization according to your requirements. We can also work with your own web design staff to integrate the look and feel of our systems with your own preexisting services, and customize individual modules and components to meet your requirements.

With a Elish Consulting Enterprise CMS (Content Management System) you can experience the future of dynamic web publishing today. Our advanced software solutions are flexible and scale-able  making them suitable for both small and large organizations. Utilizing our unique products and services, you can quickly and easily create dynamic, attractive and content-rich sites without the need for any specialist programming skills or training. Furthermore, our solutions are fully customized and integrated, allowing you to manage and control your web assets with ease.
Data Management
Elish Consulting Data Management System (DMS) provides support for all core cancer registry functions -- importing data, editing, linkage, consolidation, and reporting. The individual Elish Consulting Registries actively participated in the requirements analysis and design of Elish Consulting DMS. It was determined that despite the variety, number, and complexity of the registries’ processes and corresponding functional requirements, a centrally designed data management system could be employed by the various Elish Consulting Registries. Elish Consulting DMS improves cost efficiency and reduces duplication of effort in terms of system maintenance and administration.
Data is a strategic asset for many organizations, driving smarter decisions, improved operational efficiency and better customer service. The traditional ideas about centrally managed data have evolved. Today’s data management challenges now span a broad spectrum, including: Extreme transactions, Mission-critical analytic and data warehousing & The need to leverage data at the front lines of the business in remote offices and on mobile devices.

Campaign Management
Elish Consulting Campaign acts as a real center of order and execution unified by the marketing strategy. This application is consistently recognized by industry analysts and the other influences for its flexibility, ease of use and comprehensive cross-channel execution capabilities.

Elish Consulting Campaign allows marketers to design and to execute  single or cross-channel strategies, automate marketing processes, personalize broadcaster messages, follow customer journeys and measure the efficiency of all these actions.

Lead Generation
Lead generation campaigns introduce your company to hundreds of potential prospects each week. Every phone call is an opportunity to present your product or service and build brand awareness. Prospects are categorized according to their needs for future marketing opportunities.

Online lead generation is the process of collecting details of customers who have expressed an interest in a particular product or service. Importantly, they have given their express consent to be contacted when submitting their individual data.

Opportunity Management
The Opportunity Management module maximizes the efficiency of your sales force by helping to manage and identify the best strategy for moving to close the deal. By providing a tool to effectively manage every component of an opportunity, Opportunity Management helps your sales 
professionals capitalize on sales potential with prospects and increase business from existing customers.

Manage sales opportunities by creating and linking opportunity records to specific accounts. Track opportunities, including percent chance of close, opportunity value, and all associated data. 
Add user-defined fields to each opportunity record.
Schedule interactions, such as follow-up phone calls and onsite meetings, into your existing Microsoft Outlook calendar. Maintain a complete history of activities with specific notes about each opportunity. Create and link appointments, tasks, notes, documents, e-mails and activities to specific sales opportunities. Report on sales funnel and opportunity progress.

Order & Sales Management
Elish Consulting provides a channelized sales order management software in which you can easily link order management with other  sales process entities. Auto generated sales order number keeps a track of how many sales orders a company has processed. Often  the quotation sent to the client gets directly qualified to sales order without any modification.
Customer Data Management
Customer data is the lifeblood of the contemporary enterprise. It's used in virtually every function of the business, including product research, design and development, advertising and marketing management, sales, and customer experience.
This is where CDM (Customer Data Management) comes in. CDM helps you understand your current customers, prospects and their relations to you. It can be as basic as being able to see how many of your products a particular customer owns, but that is not all there is. CDM can allow 
you to understand complex relationships between customers, prospects, and the products and services you sell.