Data Capture
Data capture involves and is sometimes confused with optical character recognition (OCR). However, data capture software is more complex and valuable because it captures specific, targeted data – usually from a form  that is required to support a business process. In comparison, OCR is the basic conversion of any scanned alphanumeric information into a machine readable digital form.
Elish Consulting goes beyond data capture to automate the transformation of business-critical information from paper documents, faxes and electronic formats into process-ready information, and to deliver it into business systems, databases, workflows and document archives.Elish Consulting also works with document scanners to automatically straighten and improve image quality for even the toughest documents, providing dramatically better data capture results and eliminating the need to re-scan documents.
Form Processing
Elish Consulting is an upgraded form processing firm which has the web based tools to collect, reformat, edit and process electronic data for filling up forms which are of course machine readable. Every form fill-up is done properly through the compact verification. Data extraction method is highly appreciable due to the use of electronic machines, and innovative technology to complete the form processing and authentication programs competently. Every category of the electronic form is checked several times for excellent productivity. There is no scope structural error in the formatting the bar code forms for registration and verification processes. An electronic data generating process takes place automatically. 
The working milieu is absolutely cool and favorable to clients. You can talk to customer care representatives regarding any issue based on the data processing, online registration form fills up and data updating. The powerful data protection unit keeps the quality of digital files, data and PDF files.
Forms processing is a procedure whereby information entered into data fields is converted into electronic form: entered data are "captured" from their respective fields;the forms themselves are digitized and saved as images.
Catalog Processing
Elish Consulting offers Catalog Processing Services for an internet Stores/e-Commerce sites including care of internet stores Catalog  .Our Processing Services for internet shops include changing providers' paper catalogs to the internet, updating online catalogs and  constructing web-based catalogs.
Elish Consulting may comprise precise valuable for your business, if you're featuring the following ports for you shops: Yahoo Store, OS Commerce, CRE Loaded, 3D cart, Monster Commerce, Asp Dot Net Store Front and any custom built online stores.
Elish Consulting Catalog Processing/Web content output services include graphical Image Work, PDF transition of Catalogs & Database updating. We acquire the catalogs from a diversity of distribute references, like site, Physical Catalogs, Digitally Shot pictures etc.

Document Conversion
Elish Consulting prepares digital content for electronic publishing, data distribution, and the Web; converting all types of information from all major word processing, typesetting, and document formats, as well as paper into all structured formats, including XML, eBook (EPUB, MOBI, HTML5), and others. We are the market leader, working with complex technical documentation typically characterized by elaborate tables, equations, cross-referencing, special characters, footnotes, and specialized imaging requirements. We support most foreign languages including Latin-based and double-byte characters. Our production is scalable to any level... a thousand pages, a million pages, or more... with each document and each word converted consistently, reliably, and on time. Results are guaranteed!

Data entry and Processing
Elish Consulting specializes in the capture, digitization and processing of data from diverse input sources, such as fax, Web forms, e-mails, scanned images and hard copy documents. Our customers regularly outsource their Data Entry work to us because of our high level of accuracy, timely deliveries and total confidentiality. In the case of data entry services, the data is re-keyed to provide 99.99% accuracy. 

Data Transformation
As corporations and public organizations absorb an ever-growing volume and variety of data, IT groups are challenged to implement data transformation processes that get data to the right location, in the right form, at the right time. Why should an IT group turn to Elish Consulting's open source software to manage their data transformation projects? The reasons are compelling.

The programs accessed on this page are aimed at systematically transforming a skewed distribution into one that more closely approximates the symmetrical form of a normal distribution. A separate page, entitled Computational Details, describes how these several types of transformations are accomplished.

Data Loading
The data-load process reads a source data file, converts the data to a different format, and inserts the converted data into a database table. The source data can come from one or more of the following sources: Files, Tapes, Pipes (application-generated data).

Loading data is the process of adding data values to an Essbase database from a data source, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or SQL database. If the data source is not perfectly formatted, you need a rules file to load the data values.

Brochure Publishing
Brochure publishing is an important part of any business today. In addition to publishing a book, brochures for print are also widely distributed today. The publishing industry is being presented constantly with new software allowing it to evolve and become easier for publishers. Desktop publishing is becoming easier and faster. Today, anyone can be a publisher and Elish Consulting accepts files from any design program including Microsoft work and Publisher. Brochure publishing can be used for information, promotions and other important events.